The Big Dog Authority Marketing Quiz

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Judging authority is not an exact science. Google’s PageRank for example can’t tell if you are an authority offline and even the best social authority tools like Klout are questionable. With that said, this quiz will give you a rough idea if you are a visible or invisible expert.

Chihuahua And Great Dane AuthorityAnd don’t worry, if you’re a Chihuahua now, there’s always room to grow into being a Great Dane!

Please select one answer for each question. Select the lowest score for any you don’t understand.

Big Dog Authority Rank

  • Chihuahua: 25 or less
  • Terrier: 26-50
  • Golden Retriever: 51-75
  • Pitbull: 76-100
  • Great Dane: 100 or more

The higher the points the better the score and as more people use this, you can compare your authority level to other experts.

As you take the quiz, it will help to teach you some of the most important factors for building authority.

We welcome feedback and comments in the last question comment box or email me at jm at mcdia dot com