This is our first year for the authority marketing seminar, so we don’t have samples yet but please check out some of our past seminar topics and videos below.

Search & Social Presentations

We’ve provided the presentation slides from our November 2013 Search and Social Seminar. Please download them as you see fit. We hope you find them useful.

Presentation sample videos

Here are several brief sample videos, recorded at our October, 2011 Search & Social Seminar in Woburn, MA.

Internet Marketing Strategy

John McDougall discusses the major players on the web, their staggering statistics, and how to leverage them to market your business on the web.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is still a mystery to many people. The secret is the activity stream. It’s an endless flow that creates endless opportunities for connection.

Search Engine Optimization 101

John Maher discusses the technical side of search engine optimization, and how each page requires careful planning and structure.

Measuring Success with Analytics

James Hall the powerful intelligence provided by Google Analytics and other tools, to help measure key performance indicators of your websites.