Authority Marketing Seminar

Wednesday November 19th 2014 (8:00 to 5:30)

SEO and Creating an Authority Marketing Roadmap: Using Thought-leader Content to Get More Leads

John McDougall, President, McDougall Interactive

You’re good at what you do but you’re frustrated with trying to solve the Google jigsaw puzzle. In comes Authority Marketing, where you get so much out of positioning yourself as a thought leader, that you, your clients and Google get excited at the same time. This talk and discussion will take a hard look at what will really drive SEO and content marketing moving forward, as Google surpasses 6 billion searches a day! – 45 minutes

How to Use and Get Regularly Featured in the Media

Dan Janal, Founder of PR leads

Get access to journalists and bloggers actively looking for expert sources using In this session Dan Janal who wrote one of the very first books ever on Internet marketing (1994), will show you in detail the essential steps to get media coverage fast. Simple things like the way the subject line of your emails to journalists are formatted can make or break whether or not you get responses. You will also learn what journalists look for and how having a book, a blog, a YouTube channel and how being active on social media can immensely increase your odds of getting featured. Dan will talk for about 45 minutes and reveal his best tips and strategy before opening it up to your questions. Dan is the author of 8 best-selling business books on Internet marketing and publicity, which have been translated into 6 languages. – 45 minutes

How to Guest Blog Effectively Without Angering The SEO Gods?

Alec Biedrzycki, Channel Marketing Associate at HubSpot

Al Biedrzycki, a Channel Marketing Manager at HubSpot, will be discussing best practices and tips for launching and scaling a guest blogging strategy. His past experience with growing a guest blogging process includes launching HubSpot Insiders, a blog reserved for HubSpot Partner agency contributions. Since the blog launched in October 2013, it has amassed over 5,000 subscribers and averages over 100,000 monthly views. Join Al as he shares his key takeaways to consider before launching your own guest blogging program to grow your online authority. – 45 minutes

Blogging, Long Tail Keyword Research & Mobile Optimization

Rick Floyd, Senior Web Marketing Strategist, McDougall Interactive

The most common question we get from clients trying to produce fresh content on a regular basis is what they should write or talk about. Rick will discuss where to get ideas, how to present them with regards to authority marketing, why “authority always wins,” how to effectively target keywords in every piece of content, and how to make sure all content is compatible across devices. – 30 minutes

E-books and Irresistible Top-of-the-Funnel (TOFU) Offers

Rick Floyd, Senior Web Marketing Strategist, McDougall Interactive

Explanation of the sales funnel – TOFU / MOFU / BOFU – including what each part does, and why TOFU is critical, even if you are allergic to soy products. How to decide what things work best as TOFU offers, with regards to authority marketing. The importance of A/B testing your offers and related email marketing plans. How to measure the value of your TOFU initiatives, and how to draw your TOFU contacts down into the funnel’s next step, using email marketing and lead nurturing. – 15 minutes

Social Media, Content Gardens & Google+ for Trust, Authority and Connecting

John Cass, Senior Vice President of Marketing, McDougall Interactive

Google today isn’t the same company it was 5 years ago – its algorithm has changed dramatically. John explains why, and how a digital marketing strategy using social media, content gardens and authority marketing can help you succeed in spite of these changes. – 30 minutes

Link Authority, Community Building & Penguin Repair

John Cass, Senior Vice President of Marketing, McDougall Interactive

Google changed the industry in 1998 with a new search engine, but by the late 00’s people were grumbling about Google’s results because of people gaming Google. By 2010-11, facing stiffer competition and a new eco-system, Google had to retool. The result was Penguin, which had a huge impact on rankings across the board. In this module, John walks you through how to navigate the new world of link building in 2015. – 30 minutes

Video & YouTube Optimization for SEO

John Maher, Director of Interactive Marketing, McDougall Interactive

Video is a great way to build unique, engaging content for your website. Google’s “blended results” often show video right in the search results, so it can also be a great way to increase brand awareness and solve problems for your customers. John talks about how to upload videos to YouTube and properly optimize them for Google with Titles, Descriptions, and Closed Caption transcriptions. In addition, he’ll discuss embedding YouTube videos on your site and how best to use them to add content that Google, Journalists, and your clients and customers, will find useful and engaging. – 30 minutes

Podcasting for SEO, Writing a Book & Google Hummingbird

John Maher, Director of Interactive Marketing, McDougall Interactive

Google Hummingbird, launched in 2013, helps Google to understand “conversational search” – long search queries often performed verbally on mobile devices. That has implications for how content on your site should be organized. One great way to create informative, educational, hummingbird-friendly content on your site is through podcasting. John explains the techniques and equipment involved in podcasting, and how to use it to create quality content for your website, ebooks and an eventual book!– 30 minutes

Defining Key Performance Metrics

Bob Rustici, Director of Paid Search, McDougall Interactive

How will you know if your authority marketing efforts are working? This 15-minute session from our analytics expert Bob gives you the basics you need to know about tools such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Klout Alerts and others for tracking trends and signals. – 15 minutes